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Roadhouse ACD's is situated high in the Colorado Rockies

We are a small operation raising Registered Angus Cattle, and AKC registered Australian Cattle Dogs to help with the daily work. We also show our dogs, to prove that a good looking dog can also do what it is bred to do

All of our  stock has been imported from Australia. We are very adamant in making sure we are producing not only a dog that is sound in temperament, but also one that will be healthy in body, therefore we do all of the testing for diseases and conditions, that are within the breed. This includes, Baer testing, PRA/PLL testing, hips & elbows. 

Our dogs are raised on the ranch which consist of owned and leased lands. We irrigate, put up our hay, and the dogs are always with us, doing our daily chores. Daily chores consist of irrigating, cutting and baling hay, checking cows for calves at calving time, rotating cattle within pastures, mending fence, on and on, but we always have a dog with us or two. 

Genetics has been an interest of mine since a child. I have studied, and experienced so much through the years. I have bred AQHA cowhorses, hogs, cattle and my Australian Cattle Dogs. Genetics is difficult at times, as just as you think you have something figured out, here comes something that does not fit the text book. So, putting it all together, to create perfection within the dog with each breeding, is not an easy endeavor, although something I strive for.

I do work hard to breed a superior dog, an individual not only sound in a healthy mind, but sound in  a healthy body,...and never leaving out the drive and work ethic that these dogs were bred for. 

I raise a few litters a year of these wonderful dogs with many years of genetics behind them. Ken & Helen Dickson of Tallawong Kennels have bred the lines that I have been blessed with  since 1970's. I have raised Australian Cattle Dogs since before they were recognized as a breed by AKC. Back in the day, we had unregistered dogs, not knowing much about the lineage or testing. But one thing was for sure, they were tough and hard workers. Traveling many a mile with my horse and I on the mountain working cattle. 

This last statement brings us around for my unyielding desire to breed a correct dog,...they must be formed correctly to do the job they are bred to do, and the mind to hold up to long strenuous days.

I breed to the standard, and each breeding is done for one reason,.......to "better the breed"

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